China wholesaler 40cbm 3 Axle Cement Bulk Truck Powder Carrier Semi Trailer broken axle

Product Description

40cbm 3 Axle Cement Bulk Truck Powder Carrier Semi Trailer

Powder material semi trailer is used for carrying different bulk items like flour, cement, fly ash, wheat, lime, ore powder and other particles.  We can make different cement tank semi trailer according to your special requirements, and we can provide you with technical drawings. 

Trailer Details Show: 


CHYG  bulk cement semi trailer 
Function Bulk cement/ powder material  transporting
Overall demension 12000x2500x3800mm
Volume and payload 40cbm ;payload:45ton
Main beam/chassis
(material :Q345)
Beam height :standard
Upper plate:10mm
Down plate:10mm
Middle plate:6mm
Tank body type End plate:6mm ;cylinder:4mm:  V type  .material :Q235
Manhole cover 3 pcs ;500mm diameter
Landing gear Jost /fuwa/ standard 28t 2 speed
Axle Fuwa/bpw/hj/L1/yuek  3x13ton   the brand can be optional
Suspension type Mechanical normal suspension ;air suspension can be optional
kingpin 2/3.5 inch
Leaf spring 10/10/10   (10X90X13mm)
Tire Triangle/double star/chengshan/double coin/HangZhou  12R22.5  16PR  12pcs  optional
Wheel rim 9.0-22.5  12pcs
Air compressor Bohai /shansen/taike/fuda /liyuan brand ;12/14m3   can be optional
Engine Weichai :tianhe/huafeng
Brake chamber 4 double 2 single
valve Check valve:2 inch ;safe valve:1.5 inch ;booster valve:2 inch;
Discharge pipe One rubber house 7m length
Side marker lamp LED lamp
Electrical system Chinese stand 24v
Air line Double air line
Receptacle 7 ways(7 wires harnesses)
Marking As Customer requirment
Accessories Head wrech ;spare wheel crank
Tool box One
Spare tire carrier One

Trailer advantages description
·More than 20 years of professional design and production experience.
·Choose Regular manufacturers purchase materials, like Q235 HangZhou.
·Use Domestic first-class production equipment.
·Famouse brand trailer parts used, like bpw/fuwa axle, triangle/double star/double coin and so on tires, air pressure test for each tanker.
·Strict quality control system to ensure that each semi trailer is qualified. 

Diversity of Products

Competitive Advantages
1. It’s our own factory, we have superior quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, advanced technology, professional service from order to shipping
2. Optional  trailer sizes and styles can be customized 
3. Certification: ISO9001:2008, CCC, BV, etc. 
4. Small order quantity can be accepted, MOQ is 1 set. 
5. Exported to many countries, such as Russia, France, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on more than 20 countries. 

Company Information 
ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis. CZPT Group Auto Manufactory Co .,Ltd. is an automobile manufacture enterprise approved by the former National Economics and Trade Committee, with “HuaYuDa Brand” automobile products being catalogued into the national automobile product summary announcement. The company engaged in designing, researching manufacturing and selling. The company covers above 800 acres, with total assets of RMB 560,000,000.00 Yuan and factory building areas of 236,000 square meters. Now there are more than 2000 staff, therein 180 senior technical engineers. The company mainly specializing in manufacturing special vehicles such as refitting vehicles, semi trailers, tippers, and oil tank trucks, bulk cement tank, concrete mixer trucks and special operations vehicle, with annual yield of above 10000 sets. The company equips the first-class CNC cutting, advanced equipment of welding and stamping, and excellent quality guarantee system, modern testing means and high qualified specialist technicians. Our company is a special purpose motor vehicle manufacturing enterprise which has large scale of production, perfect Quality Management System in domestic. Products sold throughout the country, some products are exported to Russia, France, southeast Asia, Africa and so on more than 20 countries.


1. Does your company have your own factory?
Yes, we are manufacturer, we have been in this area for 20 years.
You are welcome to visit our factory at anytime! 

2. What is your terms of payment?
T/T with 30% deposit, and 70% balance will be paid before delivery.
We will show you photos of the products and packages before you paying the balance.

3. What’s your minimum quantity? 
1 set. 

4. What is your packing?  

Naked packing, we transport our trailers by bulk cargo carrier, ro-ro or 40/45 HQ or land transportation.

5. How about delivery time?

Generally speaking, 25 workdays after we received 30% of contract value T/T down payment. The specific delivery time depends on the products and the quantity of your order.  


Hello,We are a big factory located in ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis..  We have been in this area for 20 years. If you have any special requirements, we can customize for you. We promise you the lowest price, best quality and service. Hope to cooperate with you!  



Type: Semi-Trailer
Certification: ISO9001, CCC, SGS/BV/TUV
Wheel Base: 1310
Tread: 1840
Grade: Medium Duty
Types of Suspension Systems: Mechanical Suspension
US$ 15000/set
1 set(Min.Order)

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China wholesaler 40cbm 3 Axle Cement Bulk Truck Powder Carrier Semi Trailer   broken axleChina wholesaler 40cbm 3 Axle Cement Bulk Truck Powder Carrier Semi Trailer   broken axle
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