China OEM Agricultural spare parts Lower Blade Guide For Gaspardo Combine near me factory

The lower guide vane of gaspardo combine harvester is the key component of this agricultural equipment. The guide rail is mounted on a top rotatable bracket. Lines 56 and 57 are coupled to appropriate points on the combine or other equipment. Because the guide rail can rotate, it is easy to change the position of the blade. This article will outline this part of the equipment. The following are the main components of the guide.
The bracket 31 includes a rotatable joint 35
The lower blade guide bracket 31 includes a slender linear rod bracket 66, an upper beam 59-62 and a lower beam 59-62, and reinforcing beams 64 and 65 fixed to the upper part 35. Pivot pin 105 extends horizontally through hole 107 in end member 102. This joint allows movable blade support 66 to rotate with respect to feeder 23.
The rotatable joint is formed by a spherical stud with a hole 90 at the end. Insert the ball into the hole to adjust
Joint angle. Ball 89 supports the right end of blade support 30. The second rotatable joint is formed by a spherical stud passing through the arm 71. The arms can be connected to each other by bolts.
guide application
The combine has an air movement device 30 located at the basic highest level. The air motion device 30 is powered by a conventional power source (E. G., a hydraulic motor arrangement). The air movement device has 2 air flows: 1 for high speed and the other for low speed. The air movement device 30 is moved upward by the combined air flow of the combine.
The moving air in the combine is basically clean and is inhaled from the highest point of the combine. Air flow Operator, provide good ventilation. The air flows slowly to minimize the risk of interfering with the operator and to cool the combine during the hot summer months. The operating platform of the combine is located in the air curtain, so that the air flow can effectively prevent crop debris and dirt.
Lines 56 and 57 are coupled to any suitable point on the combine
In order to connect the lines to the tractor, the mounting bracket 31 extends upward from the grain tank of the gaspardo combine. The mounting bracket supports the external air duct element. The element may be made of a metal plate or other material having an upper cylindrical portion 41, a lower flared portion 42, and a central portion 43. The central cylindrical portion 45 includes a plurality of support ribs and side wall elements defining the annular inlet hole 46.
Lines 56 and 57 are connected to the appropriate points on the gaspardo combine. The combined air curtain consists of low-speed and high-speed air ducts, which pass directly above the operator. The low-speed piping system provides adequate ventilation. The air curtain continues to move downward close to the front of the combine to provide cooling. When lines 56 and 57 are coupled to the appropriate points on the gaspardo combine, it facilitates the lowering and feeding of crops.
Emission unit 20
The lower blade guide of the gaspardo combine includes a mounting bracket 31 that extends upward from the grain tank of the combine. The mounting bracket supports the external air duct element, which can be made of metal plate or similar material. The guide rail includes an upper cylindrical portion 41, a flared lower portion 42, and a central portion 43 having a plurality of support ribs. The guide rail also includes elements that define the annular inlet aperture 46.
The air movement device is located at the highest position of the combine and is powered by a traditional power supply (such as a hydraulic motor device). The air curtain is designed to provide a protective cover around the operator from dust and abrasive crop particles. The exhaust device provides low-speed and high-speed airflow. During operation, the exhaust device can generate high-speed and low-speed airflow.

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